Uuden-Seelannin sairaanhoitajat osoittavat tukensa työehtotaistossa

new-zealand-map-illustration-mdUuden-Seelannin sairaanhoitajien puheenjohtaja Memo Musa otti yhteyttä ja pyysi välittämään tukensa suomalaisille sairaanhoitajille. Uuden-Seelannin tilanne on ollut myös hankala 90-luvulla. Lue Musan viesti kokonaisuudessssaan alta.

Stop the Government of Finland’s  massive attack on trade unions rights

We have been reading with much concern about the Finnish Government’s decision to introduce legislation that will reduce core pay and conditions for workers in your country.

We would like you to know that New Zealand Nurses Organisation is standing with you in your struggle to maintain important conditions such as overtime and penal rates for nurses.

We know from our past experience the impact removing penal rates and shift allowances has on nurses and other health workers- not only in respect of their livelihood and family incomes- but also on staffing hospitals when staff are required to work weekends and at short notice extended shifts. In the 1990’s our Government took a similar action and wages for workers in New Zealand fell by around 15%. The good news is that for nurses these conditions were won back some ten years later after a long struggle.

Stay strong and standing together!


Memo Musa
Chief Executive
New Zealand Nurses Organisation


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