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Every one of us needs a nurse at some point, whether for maintaining our health, disease prevention or cure. That's why we want to make sure that the right people have their say in decision-making and that the sector moves in the right direction.

The Finnish Nurses Association is an important social actor

Nurses need to have a voice in social debate and decision-making. The views of nursing experts cannot be ignored when decisions are made about the sector. 

How do we conduct advocacy work? 

The Finnish Nurses Association does advocacy work that extends across the borders of Finland: we want to achieve results at an international level as well. We try to influence directly, for example, political decision-makers, health care management and employers. 

So how do we make a difference?

  • We participate in the preparation of legislation and issue opinions and recommendations.
  • We influence a wide range of health projects.
  • We conduct surveys and bring our members’ valuable views to the public debate.
  • We communicate directly with local and national decision-makers and civil servants.

The aim is to ensure good working conditions for nurses and to ensure adequate skills in both basic education and continuous professional development. We also want to raise the status and prestige of the nursing profession. Nurses must be paid according to their skills.

Global advocacy since 1909

Since the day it was founded, the Finnish Nurses Association has excelled in international cooperation. We have been a member of the International Council of Nurses since 1909 and the number of our international partners has grown ever since. Today we are active in Nordic, European and global networks. In these networks, we promote not only nurses but also nursing students.