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Continuing professional development

In the health sector, it is essential to undergo continuing professional development on a regular basis. The law defines the employer's obligation to provide continuing training. The law also obliges nurses themselves to keep their professional skills up to date.

What is continuing professional development?

Continuing professional development is planned additional training of short or long duration. It supports the nurse graduate in the practice of his or her profession. It also responds to the needs and changing requirements of the health sector. 

Continuing professional development is closely linked to the tasks and their development. The aim is to maintain, develop and deepen the professional skills of the employee and to support his or her ability to cope with the requirements of the job.

Mentoring and the introduction of an employee to new tasks is an everyday action and is not considered part of continuing professional development. The Finnish Nurses Association proposes that every nurse should receive at least six days of in-service training a year.